Great Expectations Day Program

The Great Expectations Day Program helps individuals with disabilities learn basic daily living skills and provides these individuals with support to find suitable jobs according to their abilities and desires. The five primary areas of training are Day, Community, Career Prep, Employment, and Support Services. In addition to learning about daily life skills, the modules they are trained in also include Earth Science, Shopping, Banking, Technology, and Creative Arts. 

For those individuals who express a desire and are able to work, every effort is made to locate employment that is tailored to their individual needs and desires. Many opportunities are made available to all individuals enrolled in the day program, as well as those on work enclaves. Individuals enrolled in the Great Expectations Day Program are trained by employment specialists. 

Benefits to the Individual with Disabilities 

Some benefits of employment to individuals with disabilities include the opportunity to work independently, learn skills while working in competitive employment situations, and perform jobs with multiple responsibilities and typical job pressures. Other benefits for individuals in the program include increased self-esteem and a chance to interface with others without disabilities.

The Focus of Supported Employment
  • The creation of jobs for people with disabilities
  • Job selection and placement that focuses on the individual's abilities and desires
  • Training to assist in the job field selected and in the specific job for which an individual is hired
  • Stabilization when the job is obtained including all aspects of the job
  • Proactive follow-along to ensure that the individual meets the employer’s needs and that the job is a good fit for the individual
  • Transitional services to assist individuals in being introduced or adjusting to DSN services that are available
Employment Specialist Responsibilities
  • Assess the individual's interests, skills, and abilities
  • Prepares the individual for employment by training in needed skill areas
  • Analysis of needed skills based on job interviews/rejections
  • Perform a detailed job analysis
  • Provide on-the-job training specific to the job
  • Design strategies by which the applicant can meet the employer's needs
  • Advocate for the needs of the individual in the workplace
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance as warranted
Transitional Training Coach Services
Beaufort County Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (BCDSN) Great Expectations Day Program provides Employment Specialists to help train and place individuals with disabilities in jobs created for them according to their abilities and desires. Those individuals who are “not employed” spend the day in structured training classrooms with set curricula, goals, and objectives.
  • Designed to assist individuals in high school who desire BCDSN services
  • Aid in the adjustment of individuals who desire to move from one level of BCDSN services to another, usually in the Day Program
Employment Placement Options

BCDSN has available employment opportunities at MCAS and Goodwill in both Beaufort and Bluffton. There are also opportunities with the City of Beaufort as well as services at other county departments including Parks and Recreation and the St. Helena Library. Additionally, the BCDSN helps individuals find employment with a number of private entities.

Eligibility for the Day Program

The BCDSN offers an Adult Services Program to qualified adults, beginning at age 19 to 21, with intellectual or related disabilities. This could include a diagnosis such as autism, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, among others. As individuals transition out of high school with one of these diagnoses, they can qualify and request help from BCDSN job coaches to secure independent employment.

For more information on the training and placement, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page HERE