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The General Assembly of South Carolina chartered Beaufort County to operate under the council-administrator form of government with passage of the Local Government Law (Home Rule Act) in 1975.

Beaufort County Council is an elected body responsible for passing ordinances, setting county policies and developing an annual budget for the administration of public services to citizens. The Chairman is elected to a two-year term by Council at the first meeting in January following a general election. The Vice Chairman is charged with carrying out the duties of the Chairman in his or her absence. Council members serve 4-year staggered terms and each council member sits on at least one - usually a few - of five committees that focus on specific areas of concern. Committees include Community Services, Finance, Governmental,  Natural Resources and Public Facilities.  Committee members must also participate on sub-committees and specific task forces as needs arise. Each Council member represents one of eleven districts within the County.

Vision Statement

Beaufort County will continue to be one of the most desirable places in the United States to live, work, and enjoy a sense of community in a culturally diverse coastal setting.

Mission Statement

Beaufort County government exists to serve the people of Beaufort County in a cost-effective manner, so all our citizens may enjoy and appreciate a protected quality of life, natural and developed resources in a coastal environment, a diverse heritage, and economic well-being.

Chairman:  Joseph Passiment
Vice-Chair:  D. Paul Sommerville