Online submission of Legal Residence (4% special assessment) now available.

Notice: For the online submission of the Legal Residence Application you should have some way to upload the required documents to the application. If you do not have a way to upload your documents, please use the pdf application found on our forms page.

To apply online please click here: Legal Residence Application

Beaufort County Assessor's Office



  Ebony Sanders, Beaufort County Assessor


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You can now check the status of your legal residence application. To check the status, go here: View Exemptions

Ahora puede verificar el estado de su solicitud de residencia legal. Para verificar el estado, vaya aquí: ver exenciones

To apply online for Legal Residence please click here: Legal Residence Application 

For additional information on how to complete the Legal Residence application please watch our short instructional video

To apply online for an Appeal of Real Property please click here: Appeal of Real Property Appraisal/Assessment

Who are Assessors?

Video available in English above and en Español.

Our Mission Statement: The Beaufort County Assessor’s Office is dedicated to identify accurately, list, appraise, and classify all taxable real property to achieve fairness and equity as required by law. 

Our Vision Statement: Our vision is that the Beaufort County Assessor's office will be one of the most distinguished public service offices in the state of South Carolina by providing exemplary public service, achieving fairness and equity while educating the public in the area of taxation.

Our Goals: 

  1. Educate the public in the areas of real property tax assessments and tax value.
  2. Achieve fairness and equity.  
  3. Provide exemplary public service.

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  • Appraise real property and mobile homes for ad valorem tax purposes.
  • Handle appeals on the value of real property appraised by the Assessor’s office.
  • Review and approve or disapprove real properties for the legal residence special assessment. An application must be filed, and legal deadlines apply.
  • Review and approve or disapprove real properties for the agricultural use special assessments. An application must be filed and legal deadlines apply.
  • Handle appeals on legal residence and agricultural special assessments.
  • Produce an annual certified assessment roll for ad valorem taxation for all properties within the Assessor’s jurisdiction.
  • Maintain records of deed sale transactions, building permits and other records necessary for a continuous reassessment program.
  • Represent the County in property tax appeals to the Board of Assessment Appeals and the Administrative Law Judge Division.
  • Maintain inventory of mobile homes in the County.
  • Calculate real or personal property tax bills or send tax bills to tax payers (Contact Auditor’s Office).
  • Accept or process any real or personal property tax payments (Contact Treasurer’s Office).
  • Approve, grant or qualify the homestead exemption (Contact Auditor’s Office).
  • Approve or grant exemptions for disabled persons.
  • Appraise or assess manufacturing, railroad or utility property. Those properties are the responsibility of the South Carolina Department of Revenue.
  • Appraise or assess personal property such as cars or boats, airplanes, recreational vehicles, business personal property (Contact Auditor’s Office).
  • Handle delinquent tax bills, delinquent tax sales, or payments (Contact Delinquent Tax Collector’s Office).