Frequently Asked Questions

You should contact the Beaufort County Clerk of Court to obtain information on the application process for the Public Defender. You may reach them at (843) 255-5050. There is a $40.00 filing fee and all applications must be filed in person at the Beaufort County Clerk of Court.

You should check your original bond form and/or ticket which should include your initial appearance date or your court date. After this initial appearance date, if you are represented by the Beaufort County Public Defender, then you can call our office at (843) 255-5805 to obtain your court date information. You may also wish to check the General Sessions Roster Meeting link on the B

The Beaufort County Public Defender Office is located at 1905 Duke Street, Beaufort, SC 29901. We are in the Human Services building on the second floor—Room 210.

The best way to reach your attorney is to call the main Beaufort County Public Defender phone line—(843) 255-5805 and leave a message for your attorney. This message will be automatically sent to your attorney via email and to their cell phones so that they may retrieve your message as soon as possible and respond as needed.