Encroachment Permit

Beaufort County requires any person, business or entity to complete an Encroachment Permit Application whenever a planned project will be within the Right-Of-Way of a County owned or maintained roadway.

The applicant should verify that the road is a County maintained road, either through our WebGIS service here or by calling the Special Projects Engineer at (843)-255-2735.

To complete this application, download the document by clicking the link here.

Once completed, the application may be submitted to the Special Projects Engineer, Tanner Powell, via email at tpowell@bcgov.net. It may be also submitted in person at the Beaufort County Public Works office at 120 Shanklin Road.

There are no fees involved with the submittal of an Encroachment Permit Application for Beaufort County.


*Updated information on driveway apron/culvert installation.