Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ)

What is the AICUZ?

The AICUZ is refers to the Air Installation Compatible Use Zone...

How does the AICUZ affect me?

See how an address or place is affected by the AICUZ:

Why does the AICUZ change?

In 2004, Beaufort County adopted the MCAS Airport Overlay District to promote compatible land use patterns and activities around MCAS Beaufort and to protect the health safety and welfare of the public.  The MCAS Airport Overlay District is based on the sound created by the F18 aircraft.  Now that MCAS is transitioning to the F35B Joint Strike Fighter and a new mission to house three squadrons and to operate a Pilot Training Center, the noise impacts are projected to change.  Therefore, Beaufort County is proposing to modify the boundaries of the MCAS Airport Overlay District to reflect the new aircraft and new mission based on sound modeling from the Department of Defense.


Interactive AICUZ Map

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