Finance Committee

Vision Statement

  • The Finance Committee will be a premier, well-managed, fiscally responsible committee.  Residents will have the opportunity to participate in the deliberations of this committee either in person or to watch on television.  All materials will be available on the county website under the Finance Committee webpage.  Our commitment to transparency establishes a common good for the county and its residents.

Mission Statement

  • The Finance Committee evaluates the County's current and future financial position, including the deliberation and recommendation of annual budgets to ensure sound financial decisions. This committee also coordinates Council's involvement with financial reporting and procedures and pursues the development of long-range (multi-year) budgets. The chairman of the Finance Committee is responsible for recruiting and submitting names of candidates for the boards, agencies, commissions, and authorities within its auspices.
  • Employee Services oversees personnel policies and procedures, the classification and compensation plan, and the health benefit plan.

External Responsibilities as Council's Representative

  • Accommodations Tax (2% State) Board
  • Airports Board
  • Board of Assessment Appeals

Committee Assignments 2020-2021

Mark Lawson

Chris Hervochon

Gerald Dawson                                                                                                                                                          
Stu Rodman
Brian Flewelling

 Staff Support
Whitney Richland, Assistant County Administrator, Finance
Phil Foot, Assistant County Administrator, Public Safety