Fee Schedule

Note: We accept Cashier's Check, Money Orders, Business Checks, and Cash Only. Exact Change Only - No Personal Checks Accepted.


Summons and Complaints $150.00
Foreign Judgments $100.00
Restored Cases (Rule 40J) $150.00
Civil Appeals $150.00
All Civil Motions (Orders requiring Judge's signature with the exception of Attorney Protective Orders and Orders of Publication) $25.00
Judgments (Transcripts) $35.00
Confession $10.00
Lis Pendens $10.00
Release of Lis Pendens $1.00
Public Defender Application $40.00
Property Bond Processing (attorney must do Title search) $10.00
Surety Certificate $10.00
Bondsman License Registration $150.00
Bondsman License Registration (Out of County) $100.00
Records Search (Civil, Judgment, and General Sessions) $25.00
Notary Registration $10.00
Certification (All Documents) $3.00
Exemplified Copy


Copies Per Page $0.50
Copies Per Page (Processed by the Clerk of Court Staff ) $0.55