Updates and Engagement

News and Updates:

The Human Services Alliance produces a bimonthly newsletter that contains the most up-to-date news from the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance and our partners. You can subscribe to this newsletter by clicking here. This newsletter contains ranging from updates about free services, volunteer opportunities, job postings, and professional training events.

The Human Services Alliance hosts a quarterly meeting which is announced in the newsletter. These meetings are great opportunities to network with other agencies and private citizens who care about our community while learning about he work the Alliance is doing. 

Lastly, you can 'like' and 'subscribe' to the Together for Beaufort County Facebook page

Volunteer Information:

In addition to the volunteer announcements in the newsletter, there are many other resources in our community to help individuals get connected with a cause they are passionate about. Community Foundation of the Lowcountry operates a website that helps connect citizens with opportunities. This website is called Lowcountry Volunteer Connections. Additionally, there is a national website called Volunteer Match. Both are excellent resources for citizens to use to connect to local resources.

If you are interested in participating in one of our Together for Beaufort County Coalitions, please check out its respective web page or e-mail Ben Boswell at ben.boswell@beaufortcountysc.gov for more information.