Beaufort County Community Services Grant Program

Information and Eligibility:

Funds for this grant program are made available from Beaufort County Council under the purview of the Community Services Committee. Established several years ago, the Beaufort County Community Services Grants Program is application-based and designed to support local non-profit human service organizations improve quality of life for Beaufort County residents.

Applications and program proposals are evaluated by a panel of human service professionals to help ensure data-driven outcomes.

  1. Applicants must be active partners and members of the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance – a partnership of more than 120 organizations and partners representing a diverse range of human service fields throughout Beaufort County.  
  2. The grants program is a defined distribution mechanism to ensure that County government funds are used collaboratively for a collective impact (Together for Beaufort County process).  Beaufort County Council and other founding partners designed the grants program in a manner to ensure the distribution of funds in an impartial process without the influence of elected officials.
  3. These funds may not be used for the following:
    1. Religious or Political Activities
    2. Endowments
    3. Legal Services
    4. Fundraising Campaigns
    5. Debt or Encumbrances
    6. Direct Subsidies
  4. The grant cycle is from July 1 - June 30.
  5. More information can be found in the grant standards and guidance provided with the grant application (available below). 


Review Process:

This process is administered by the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance. Proposals are reviewed by a confidential, independent panel of diverse community members who have no conflicting interests with the grant process.


Grant Applications and Supporting Documentation:

Forms may be downloaded below.

Instructions: Once the download link is clicked, the file will open in Dropbox. Once the file is open, please navigate to the upper right hand corner of the screen where you should see a button labeled [...] -- Please click this button and select 'download.' You may then save the documents to your computer. For questions or concerns, please call Ben Boswell at 843-986-7993 or contact via e-mail at RESPECT@USCB.EDU. Thank you!


FY20: Grant Application Forms

FY19: Grant Application Forms