Tax Information to Know

Fair Market Value

  • Real Property Value - from Assessor’s Office
  • Motor Vehicle
    • Registration information from Department of Motor Vehicle
    • Vehicle value from Department of Revenue Vehicle Guide or
    • Other nationally recognized sources
  • Boat/Motor
    • Registration information from Department of Natural Resources
    • Boat/Motor values from Vessel Valuation Service
    • Other nationally recognized sources
  • Manufacturing/Utility values from the Department of Revenue
Assessment Ratio by Property Type
Primary Residence, Owner Occupied 4.0%
Second Residence 6.0%
Other Real Property 6.0%
Commercial Real Property 6.0%
Agricultural Real - Privately Owned 4.0%
Agricultural Real - Corporate Owned 6.0%
Aircraft - Corporate Owned 10.5%
Aircraft - Personal 6%
Business Personal Property 10.5%
Camper(see note below)** 10.5%
Manufacturing Real and Personal 10.5%
Motor Home(see note below)** 10.5%
Railroads, airlines, pipelines Real and Personal 9.5%
Utility Real and Personal 10.5%
Vehicle Personal 6.0%
Vehicle Personal (see note below)* 10.5%
Watercraft/Boat - Corporate owned 10.5%
Watercraft/Boat Personal (see note below)** 6%
*Vehicle Personal @ 10.5% if: Gross Vehicle Weight in excess of 11,000 pounds and Net Vehicle weight in excess of 9,000 pounds.
**May qualify as primary or second residence (4%). Must meet IRS rules as Qualified Home (Publication 936) for primary or secondary residence.

Assessed Value

  • The Assessed Value (rounded to nearest tenth) is determined by multiplying the Fair Market Value by the above Assessment Ratio by property type.

Millage Rate

  • Approved by County Council, Town Councils, School Boards and Special Purpose Districts.
  • Submitted to the County Auditor by the chief elected official along with a copy of the ordinance approving the millage rate.
  • Auditor’s Office applies these millage rates in preparing tax notices.