Tax Information to Know

Fair Market Value

  • Real Property Value - from Assessor’s Office
  • Motor Vehicle
    • Registration information from Department of Motor Vehicle
    • Vehicle value from Department of Revenue Vehicle Guide or
    • Other nationally recognized sources
  • Boat/Motor
    • Registration information from Department of Natural Resources
    • Boat/Motor values from Vessel Valuation Service
    • Other nationally recognized sources
  • Manufacturing/Utility values from the Department of Revenue
Assessment Ratio by Property Type
Primary Residence, Owner Occupied 4.0%
Second Residence 6.0%
Other Real Property 6.0%
Commercial Real Property 6.0%
Agricultural Real - Privately Owned 4.0%
Agricultural Real - Corporate Owned 6.0%
Aircraft 6%
Business Personal Property 10.5%
Camper(see note below)** 10.5%
Manufacturing Real and Personal 10.5%
Motor Home(see note below)** 10.5%
Railroads, airlines, pipelines Real and Personal 9.5%
Utility Real and Personal 10.5%
Vehicle Personal 6.0%
Vehicle Personal (see note below)* 10.5%
Watercraft/Documented Vessel 6%
*Vehicle Personal @ 10.5% if: Gross Vehicle Weight in excess of 11,000 pounds and Net Vehicle weight in excess of 9,000 pounds.
**May qualify as primary residence (4%) or secondary residence (6%). Must meet IRS rules as Qualified Home (Publication 936) for primary or secondary residence. Primary residence filing is handled with the Assessor’s office. Secondary residence may be requested by filling out an Affidavit for Qualification of Motor Home Residence Status form through the County Auditor’s office on or before the due date of the tax bill.

Assessed Value

  • The Assessed Value (rounded to nearest tenth) is determined by multiplying the Fair Market Value by the above Assessment Ratio by property type.

Millage Rate

  • Approved by County Council, Town Councils, School Boards and Special Purpose Districts.
  • Submitted to the County Auditor by the chief elected official along with a copy of the ordinance approving the millage rate.
  • Auditor’s Office applies these millage rates in preparing tax notices.